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Simple Solar: The Best Way to Save on Your Electricity Bill

A revolutionary way to save on your electricity bill: the government will even pay you.

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Making the Switch to Green Is Easy

One of the easiest ways to go green is by installing solar panels. They’re effective and easy to install! If you’re ready to start saving money and doing your part for the environment, Call us at 951-795-2181

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You shouldn’t be forced to go solar, it should be a choice.

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The only thing standing in your way of saving money is a phone call. Call us at Call us at 951-795-2181and we will show you how much we can save you by simply beating our competitors!

No Money Out Of Pocket

Pay nothing upfront and we’ll install solar panels on your house. The HERO Program is the perfect choice for those who want to Go Solar with no money out of pocket.

Manufacturing & Supply

Our manufacturing and supply division at Tier 1 power the best solar companies. You’ll be getting more bang for your buck, so to speak!

What Our Customer Saying About Our Service!

They were very professional and did a great job. The salesperson was very honest and easy to work with. I would recommend them to my grandmother and everyone else!

John Williams

Past Solar Customer

Would highly recommend Wrede Whitney if you’re looking for a solar broker. Wrede took the time to explain everything in detail and provided recommendations to help us get the maximum benefit from going solar. He’s very knowledgeable, honest, and fair. He was always very responsive and always answered our questions to our satisfaction. I am so glad we chose Wrede to help us with this process!

Vicki Diaz

Past Solar Customer

I have had my solar that Wrede hooked me up with years ago, and so was so pleased with the system he installed that I got my son, my daughter, and I don’t know how many of my friends hooked up as well! I have saved so much money on energy bills and the installs were flawless. My kids and neighbors are very satisfied as well, and zero service calls thus far. If there was a question or problem, I know I can count on Wrede to answer his phone to assist. I can tell you that Wrede will not only spend the time explaining and configuring the best system, but he has also been very competitive in the marketplace with the longest warranty. I will continue to refer Wrede for his honest, reliable, and best pricing in the neighborhood for solar.

Hector Luna

Past Solar Customer

Wrede did a wonderful job putting together our solar project. Our electric meter is now spinning backward and we are making money.

Jack Nowosinski

Past Solar Customer

Wrede did an amazing job helping us compare different solar system components and ultimately brokered an amazing deal for our home. He is very responsive and certainly willing to go the extra mile. As a military family, we appreciated his honesty and the effort made to guide us during the decision making process without pressuring us with options we were not interested in like other companies did. Once we signed, he updated us regularly and always responded to our questions. On the day of install, he came out to verify the work was complete and even after the system is now paid in full and the system is operating properly, he still responds to random questions that pop up. I appreciate his attention to detail throughout the entire process and will absolutely continue to recommend Wrede to anyone considering purchasing solar for their home or business. Thanks Wrede!
Carlos Dhayer

Past Solar Customer

Wrede Whitney is the consumate professional. We are so fortunate we found him for our solar project. Wrede is with you on the project 100% of the time. He is highly knowledgeable and ever so patient. I/we recommend him without hesitation. He is the best.

Kevin Welsh

Past Solar Customer

We love our system! We get to run the AC at 73% in the summer so my upstairs lair is chillin like a Hawaiian breeze
Brock Whitney

Past Solar Customer

Wrede helped me with solar on my house. Wrede and the installers were very professional. Wrede spent the time to explain how solar works and walked me through the whole process. He is very knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend his services.

Diane Singleton-Smith

Past Solar Customer

Wrede Whitney was by far the best person I talked to about getting solar. My wife and I had received multiple quotes from other companies before finding out about Wrede. We have heard the horror stories about people getting taken advantage of by salesman of solar companies and we wanted to make sure we did our due diligence. Wrede was by far more professional and educated than any other solar person/company we spoke to. Wrede was able to break things down for us that no other company/person ever did. Not only was Wrede cheaper than all the other quotes, but was able to get us the best solar company and terms. Come to find out, this is the benefit of using a broker and not going to a solar company directly. I HIGHLY recommend Wrede if you are wanting to get solar.
Alan Chance

Past Solar Customer


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The best way to save money on your electric bill is with solar energy! This high-tech, cost-saving option will do wonders for helping you lower your monthly payments. It’s time that we switch over from conventional power sources and start living a more sustainable lifestyle. Call Wrede at Call us at 951-795-2181 and see the savings!

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

It’s not too late to call Wrede and see how much you have been missing out on by not going with solar. What if you already have solar? Or even an older system? We can help – just give us a ring at Call us at 951-795-2181 or stop in for more information!

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